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Technology in service of oral rehabilitation

A wide range of structures to respond to each clinical case

Bar over implants

Screw-retained free form framework used to unify implants by inhibiting the displacement of the implant-supported overdenture to improve its stability and function. The result is a unique coupled structure that can only be removed by the dentist.

A wide variety of retentive solutions, removable by the patient

Bar over implants for attachments

Structure with a geometry adapted to the clip to be used (Dolder, Hader, Ackermann or other format) resulting in a total fixed prosthesis over implants whose overdenture can be removed by the patient. The accessories act as a block, minimizing or inhibiting migrating movements, which prevents an overdenture from moving during use and offers the patient autonomy regarding hygiene.

Bar over implants for locators

Screw retained structure with a configuration adapted to the locator to be used (threaded holes and bar width depending on the component) resulting in a fixed total denture removable by the patient. These accessories act as a block, minimizing or inhibiting movements in certain directions, preventing the overdenture from moving during use and providing the patient with autonomy regarding hygiene.

Strategies for all materials and frameworks designs

Retentive superstructure

Screw-retained structure over implants optimized with retentive pins to improve adhesion/retention of overdenture acrylic/resin/composite.

Reduced superstructure

Screwed structure on implants suitable for ceramic application. Optimized to improve retention by providing additional support for each individual tooth. With or without gingival support and in reduced abutment format.

Screw-retained crowns and bridges

Screw-retained multiple or single structure at implant or abutment level with the possibility of screw emergency correction.

Angulated Screw Channels

Screw channels angulated up to 25° according to our implant library.

Cemented crowns and bridges

Composed of crowns and pontics supported on abutments of the patient’s teeth, they are the most common type of restoration in esthetic areas to re-establish the presence of one or more missing teeth. Passive fit and occlusion are more easily controllable. Available in various materials.

Functional solutions with a delicate finishing


A double denture alternative to removable dentures that provides better retention, occlusal stability and movement control.

A service complemented with emerging technologies for protoyping and surgical planning

Surgical Guides

Help with the correct positioning of implants.

Provisional / Temporary

Structures for use until the final prosthesis is ready to be inserted


Comfortable protection against the potential fracture and/or wear of teeth caused by sliding arches.